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CAD $2,999.00CAD $2,399.00
Size27" W X 18" D X 49 3/8" H
Maximum log length15" to 18"
Volume of the oven1.9 ft³


Rediscover the pleasure of wood cooking with the Atlas cookstove. Elegantly simple, it offers all the advantages of this type of appliance in a compact size, without compromising the additional warmth for your home. The perfect balance between firebox, oven and bottom storage compartment gives you the freedom to choose the layout that suits your space, even with a corner installation!

Tasty Cooking

Whether it is to enjoy the pleasure of heating with wood or simply to savor the most comforting dishes, the Atlas is sure to please lovers of tasty cuisine as well as fans of traditional know-how. Cooking can be done in the stainless-steel oven, using the cooking grills and trays provided with the cookstove. For embers enthusiasts, it is possible to cook your food in the combustion chamber, using only the cooking grills.

Best Value for Money

Offered at an unbeatable price, this wood cookstove has several advantages: two doors giving practical access to the fire and the oven (11 3/8" W x 17 3/4" D x 11 3/4" H), equipped with concealed handles (opening with the cold hand supplied with the appliance), stainless steel oven with an adjustable grill, stainless steel and vermiculite combustion chamber, ceramic glass with integrated thermometer, air damper.
The Atlas gives off heat, but its design makes it primarily a cooking appliance. So when the stove is on, you will heat the room, but you will not benefit from slow combustion heat like a high efficiency wood stove.

Any installation must be done according to the data and drawings detailed in the owner’s manual.



Manuals and documents

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