Heatflow S5 is compatible with specific models, see manual for details.
Any installation must be done according to the data and drawings detailed in the owner’s manual.
Wood stove is not included, it must be purchased separately.

Designed to optimize your wood stove’s performance, the Heatflow S5 is a galvanized steel cabinet that can be installed on top of your appliance to efficiently distribute heat to other rooms in your home. It's a long-lasting and safe way to get the most out of your auxiliary heating source!

Designed to efficiently recover and distribute the heat from your stove:
• The system recovers heat from 4 sides of the stove (left, right, rear and top). The heat radiation in front of the appliance is not affected – you can still admire the fire and heat the room where the stove is installed.
• It is possible to install up to 4 outlets (minimum 1) to distribute the heat to other rooms. The design is compatible with standard metal grilles available at hardware stores.
• The variable speed blower (included) with a power of 400 CFM has 3 operating modes (Auto, Off and Manual).
• The thermodisc (included) avoids distributing cold air by activating the blower only when the temperature is high enough.

Durable and safe solution:
• The heat evacuation louvers, located on the top of the cabinet, allow the stove to be maintained at safe temperatures when the blower is not in operation (for example during a power outage).
• Simplified design for assembly and installation: 6" round outlet to adapt to any galvanized rigid pipe (available at hardware stores), can be assembled by one person, detailed instruction sheet.


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