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Size47 1/4" W X 31 1/2" D X 38 3/4" H
Maximum log length20" (16" recommended)
Volume of the oven3.3 pi³


The Chic-Choc wood-burning cookstove perfectly combines traditional heat and cooking to enhance your family gatherings. Equipped with a large stainless steel oven and a wide steel cooking surface, it is specifically designed to cook hearty meals for the whole family. Whether you are a fan of meat, fresh bread or Sunday morning brunches, the possibilities are endless!

Providing warmth and comfort, the Chic-Choc is ideal for spaces up to 2300 ft². Its very large combustion chamber (3.3 ft³) and its secondary combustion system that optimizes efficiency allow to reach up to 10 hours burn time with a single load of wood.

This wood-burning cookstove also stands out for its innovative installation method: two separate casings that fit together, that can also be conveniently handled and moved. With its optimized size and reduced clearances, the Chic-Choc is a cook stove that fits perfectly into your room and takes up less space than comparable appliances on the market.

Included: cleaning brush, stainless cooking grids (2), removable bottom of the oven, built-in thermometer, adjustable cast iron legs, ceramic glass, broad spectrum air damper, ash drawer and ash lip.

▪ Steel cooking surface that offers excellent heat conductivity and different thermal zones (cooking and warming), at a height of 37" to cook comfortably.
▪ Large stainless steel oven (17 3/4"W x 21 3/4"D x 14 1/8"H) designed for even cooking
▪Two stainless steel cooking grids (3 positions)
▪ Large door openings simplify loading logs and dishes
▪Up to 10 hours burn time with a single load of wood
▪ 20" logs
▪Ideal for spaces up to 2,300 ft²
▪ EPA exempt
▪Proudly made in Canada
▪Limited lifetime warranty

Any installation must be done according to the data and drawings detailed in the owner’s manual.



Manuals and documents

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